my room

where am i?

i don't feel familiar with my bedroom and yet i spend so much time here.

i rarely leave. i need to leave.

how do you leave a room where every formative moment in your life has happened?

first kiss, first love, my first time. impurities captured so many times and only these walls can tell you the stories.

so why can't i recognize the walls that made me?

it's anxiety-inducing.

to gain so much and lost it all, all in the comfort of the same four walls, tile ceiling, and pissed covered carpet.

laying in my bed. i wonder how i even survive.

i've lost everything and gained it all in these four walls.

i'm going to miss the collapsing floor.

too bad i have nothing left.

too bad i cant get high enough to fix the ceiling.

too bad i'm gone already.

done for.