blue eyes and yellow limbs

you look at me

you look at me and you see

not you or me

not he or she

not with your blue eyes or yellow limbs

giving all i can give

with those arms and fingers of joy

horray she says as coy

give and give with your purple heart

your blue eyes and yellow limbs

they are perfect

but you are pure

as the sun comes up

tell me you are pure

i look at you and

stay awake all night

shining sun with all the yellow rays

cathode rays with a tube inside

with tinnitus goes flat

yellow limbs never looked so sweet

sugary and full of love

with love and love you never see

tell me that you are pure

pure to the sweetest dwarfs and angels fall apart

i love you too say in spark

sparks of all purity that gives me hope

hope that one day

youll sell your purple heart